Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Visibly Lit lights year round?

Absolutely! We have customers using our lights for birthdays, family gatherings, game nights, accent lights and parties of all kinds.

Can I set timers and events?

Yes! You can easily create calendar events in the lights control app.

Can I do warm/soft white?

Yes! You can create almost any color using the color wheel. You can color match the warmth of your existing exterior lighting.

Where are the controller and power supplies installed?

Our network bridge plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. Power supplies are installed along the eaves at every 75 feet of lights. A small wireless receiver will be placed either in the garage or on the side of the garage to power and control your lights.

How long do Visibly Lit lights last?

Our lights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equivalent to leaving them on for 24/7 – seven years straight. If you only run your lights 3-5 hours a night, they could last over 20 years.

How many colors can I do at a time?

The lights control app offers the most customizable system available, allowing users to design custom sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time. In Many cases this will allow the user to tell each individual light on the house what to do.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the linear feet of lights, roof pitch and accessibility – we complete most residential installs in 1 day or less.




Our team of trained professionals at Visibly Lit will create a custom designed light layout for your home or business roofline. 

You can choose from several permanent installation options including hidden fasteners and channels.

After install is complete, you’ll be in full control of your lighting system.  We’ll show you how to use your smartphone app to change colors, zones, patterns and more – all easily customized from the ground. 



Visibly Lit LED lights are installed with hidden fasteners and/or channels to allow a nearly invisible permanent installation on any home or business. You won’t even notice them until they’re turned on. You’ll also get a limited lifetime warranty!

Select up to 16 million different solid, flashing or patterned light combinations and 250 colors per sequence.  You can also use the dimmable accent light feature to set your home apart in any neighborhood or for extra home lighting security.